The purpose of this document is to ensure the success of the Skionee Board Team through an understanding  of actions taken by the board of directors and committee and officer responsibility.   This document should be used in conjunction with the bylaws of Skionee Board Team.



The Skionee Board Team Board of Directors cares about you, wants you, and needs you to have a fun filled kneeboard experience. We ask that each of you join us in achieving our onward and upward growth goals that ensure the longevity of competitive kneeboarding. The Skionee Board Team has surpassed the efforts of over 700 clubs nationwide, earning the title of “USA-WS’s  National Club of the Year,” every year since 2001. It is imperative  that as we grow we keep organized, communicate  our club policy and procedures to our members, and seek cooperation  and involvement  from our members. Below are items to help you understand our club policy and assist those that give 100% + volunteer hours in planning club events. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Please note that the American Kneeboard Association governs alcohol policy. There will be NO alcohol consumed by competitors  or officials during event hours, AKA rule 2.1, Administrative  Rules. There will be NO exception  to this rule. Smoking is not allowed in tournament supplied towboats or safety boats, or in competitor or officials areas, AKA rule, 7.7, Administrative Rules.

Smokers are respectfully asked to keep smoking at a minimum and in areas secluded from the younger members. It is important that we work as a Team to set a good example as role models for our younger members and all that know Skionee as the #1 club in the United States. We ask that non-event  participating  family members and spectators  also adhere to our NO alcohol and smoking policy during event hours.


The statement “postmarked by,” means the postmark date stamped by the US Postal Service if you are sending by snail mail. All registration forms with fees must be included. You may hand deliver your registrations to our registrar with a day  or  two  cushion  due  to  snail  mail  delivery,  however  this  will  not  guarantee  your  registration  will  be  accepted. Registrations will be closed when the posted number of allowed entries is filled.


If a check is returned unpaid a $20.00 handling fee will be charged by Skionee. Only cash, cashiers’ check, or a money order will be accepted for registrations after a second returned check is received.


If this notice is posted on the website we have filled our allotment of competitors per event. However, you may contact the registrar and let him or her know you would like to attend. The registrar will assist you with registration if there are cancellations.


The Skionee Board aggressively  works to provide all competitors,  officials, and their families a fun filled event with plenty of on and off water time. To do this we may limit the number of participants at the Skionee events. As we grow and acquire  more  officials,  volunteers,  sites,  boats,  and equipment  we will increase  our numbers.  Class  T (Record Capable Tournaments) do not have a cap on attendance.


Unforeseen  circumstances  occasionally  occur that cause cancellations,  which result in last minute vacancies. We will allow  walk-in  registrations  if we can accommodate  the numbers.  Late fees may apply  and will be posted  on event flyers if applicable.


If you must cancel your registration for an event you must notify the registrar no later than 48 hours before the start of an event at which time you may ask for a refund or may designate your registration fee to be assigned to a future event.  Registration fees will be forfeited with less than 48 hrs. notice.

MANDATORY COMPETITORS/OFFICIALS MEETING: When  an event  flyer  and/or  registration  form  says MANDATORY  it means you MUST be in attendance. There will be a role call and if you do not respond you will be disqualified  from tournament  participation,  AKA Rule 7.0, Administrative  Rules.. If for any reason you cannot be on time for the MANDATORY meeting you may notify the Chief Judge via email or phone in advance of the meeting and designate a proxy stand in for you. You are responsible for knowing the content of the meeting through communication with your proxy stand-in.  PEASE NOTE. The National Championships require WRITTEN notice to the Chief Judge in advance of roll call.


Anyone participating in a Skionee tournament must be an active member of USA-Water Ski & Wake Sports.  Grassroot and guest memberships are allowed according to USA Water Ski & Wake Sports event policy.  Please submit proof of membership  with your event registration. Membership in Skionee Board Team requires USA Water Ski & Wake Sports active membership.  A  copy  of  your  card  must  be  on  file  with  our  registrar.  For further information please contact our Tournament Organizer or or 954-792-7500.


Dues to join the Skionee Board Team are set by the Board of Directors annually.  Membership categories include individual and family memberships, as well as special categories set from time to time.  Membership includes but not limited to, discounts for attending and participating in club events, a club T-shirt, social and competitive activities and support for those giving countless volunteer hours  to ensure the future of competitive kneeboarding..


  • Red Water Lake, Lake Placid, Fl, is the home site for the Skionee Board Team.
  • Club owned equipment  would be stored at one or more member  residences  on Red Water  Lake or Lake Francis, and/or as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Club owned equipment must remain at the approved home site storage areas unless used for club activities.

Individual  members may borrow equipment  by special request to, and approval of, the Board of Directors. Any borrowed equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was checked out. Repairs or replacement on borrowed equipment will be the responsibility of the borrower.  The loss of club equipment by a club member shall result in the replacement of the specific item lost at his/her own  expense.

  • Damage to club equipment, and/or club boat if any, at an Skionee Board Team practice or at a club event where a
    member is using the equipment in a proper manner, is not the fault of the individual who damaged the specific piece
    of equipment. The Skionee Board Team shall repair and/or replace it at the club's expense.
    • Damage to club equipment, including club boat if any, due to improper use is the fault of the individual. Said
    individual is then responsible for repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
    • The Insta Slalom course is considered club owned equipment but has the following  additional  criteria for
    • The slalom course when not in use will be stored at a member residence and/or as approved by the Board
    •  The Board of Directors may authorize the slalom course to remain in the water for extended periods as long as no complaints  are  received  by  the  Twin Lakes  Home  Owners  Association.  The  course  must be  removed periodically for maintenance  under  the direction  of the  clubs  equipment  chair.  After  April  1 the  course cannot  be  left in for extended  periods  of time  unless  approved  by  the  Board  of  Directors.  It is  the responsibility of each member to monitor the condition of the course and repair or report problems to the equipment chair.  Receipts for repairs are to be submitted for reimbursement  to the treasurer.
    •   Individual members may check out the course for use on Red Water Lake. During the time that the course is checked  out it must be maintained  in the same condition  as when it was checked  out and returned  in the same condition. The member that has checked it out will be responsible for the maintenance.  Missing buoys must be replaced immediately.  Receipts for repairs are to be submitted for reimbursement to the treasurer.
  • Club members may check out the course for use on individual lakes with Board approval. During the time the course is checked out it must  be maintained  in the same  condition  as when  it was checked  out and returned in the same condition. The member that has checked it out will be responsible for the maintenance of the course at his/her expense.

updated 6-2019