Contest Rules

Photos may be submitted by Skionee Camp photographers or by family and friends of the children attending.  All photos must be taken during Daddy's Ski Camp June 27, 2020. Photos may be still or action shots.  Please note that parents will not be allowed in boats unless they are insured active members of USA Water Ski and Wake Sports.

The winner will be determined by the child receiving the highest number of votes.   Family and friends may vote.  The number of pictures submitted is not limited.  The number of votes cast is limited per instructions on the voting form.  Voting will begin on June 28 and end on July 12 at 12:59 pm EST.  The winner will be notified on July 13.  The winner will receive his or her basket at a time and location agreed upon by parents and Skionee staff.

Upload and submit a picture using the black UP arrow on the next page.   The picture will be reviewed and approved for posting shortly after it is submitted.  We approve all pictures to avoid the possibility of inappropriate submissions by  scammers.

Good luck to all the kids attending Daddy's Ski Camp.  We hope you have enjoyed the experience and will attend more events this summer and in the future.

You can follow this link to upload your pictures and vote for your favorite.  Pictures posted and votes cast prior to June 28 and after 12:59 pm EST on July 12 will not be considered.

Click HERE